Thursday, September 22, 2005

Welcome Back, Mr. Kott-ahhhhh

So what happened to Chestblog itself? It's now a German phone card company's website. I wish I could say we collect royalties for lending the Chestblog name. In fact, if you feel so compelled to donate to this worthy cause, you can visit this site and personalize your donation with "for all the Chestblogliars out there."

In truth, in a moment of panic, I deleted the old blog. For that, I am ashamed and continue to mourn and grieve. Once you find it in your old school Chestblog hearts to forgive my lapse in judgment, you can join me in welcoming a new day. This will be the first noted spinoff blog in the short history of blogdom.

So put up your feet, grab a drink, comb your hair, pet your dog, raise your glass, and shovel your walk, for today, we rejoice!

Welcome back, bay-bee!



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