Wednesday, October 19, 2005


As anyone who saw my away message Sunday night (which was brought to you by the letter U, the F word and the number 2) knows, I went to see U2 this week. Absolutely mind-blowing experience. Can't even begin to describe the rush as the show began: in complete darkness, a voice yells out "Everybody" louder and louder as confetti starts to fall from the sky and the music from "City of Blinding Lights" begins; as the music reached its apex, the lights come on to reveal Bono standing on the edge of the catwalk 5 feet from me with his head tilted back and his hands up in the air in supplication. No Words. Anyone who appreciates music must make it a point to see this band play live once in their life. They perform for every single song in the setlist, adding something special to change the experience of being there in person.
As for the comedy highlight of the night: before the concert, this girl near us tried to pick me up. To call her hideously ugly wouldn't be doing it justice. She was stalkerish, continually asking me if I was gonna "stay in touch" with her. All I've gotta say about this is "I got a phone do you like them apples?"


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