Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bonds' Stock Rising Again After Poor 4th Quarter

"Tyler Snyder caught Barry Bonds' 714th homer on the fly Saturday, snagging it cleanly with his glove. The people around the 19-year-old Athletics fan cheered wildly, with nobody assaulting or gouging him.

But Snyder's perfect catch was a rare moment of grace in this ragged, tainted quest for baseball immortality by Bonds, who ended a nine-game homer drought with a second-inning solo shot for the San Francisco Giants. Fans stood and applauded, and Bonds' peers acknowledged another milestone."

But what if the guy wanted to stay for the remainder of the game? Was he instantly banned from the ballpark? I don't know why we have to throw him out of the game. Clearly, he wasn't simply there to catch the ball--Snyder claims he doesn't particularly care for Bonds--but may have actually been an A's fan who wanted to see his team play the rest of the game. Couldn't they just escort the ball out of the stadium in an unmarked police car and allow Snyder to make use of his $15 bleacher seat?

Just something to think about. And...we're back!



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