Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hopping on the Bandwagon

In conjunction with today's planned relaunch, the warm and friendly people over at Win Without War have printed an ad in today's national papers identifying other liars. We want to extend our latex glove covered hands in friendship to the people at WWW whose dogged and relentless pursuit to embarass the honchos who run this country should not go unnoticed. You can see the ad here.

It appeared in the following publications, accompanied by their ranking according to the 2005 Newsroom Diversity Index:

USA Today (#94), Washington Post (#112), Denver Post (#65), Rocky Mountain News (#90), Palm Beach Post (#88), Indianapolis Star (#57), Des Moines Register (#9), Louisville Courier-Journal (#32), Minneapolis Star Tribune (#25), Rochester Post-Bulletin (NA), Omaha World Herald (#100), Cincinnati Inquirer (#49), Philadelphia Inquirer (#45), Pittsburgh Post Gazette (#55), and Charleston Daily Mail (NA).

Not sure what that shows, but it's an interesting list of papers to choose.

Also of note from today's WP is one letter to the editor that reads,

"As our links to the past continue to be strained by time and revisionism, it becomes all the more essential that a man of Simon Wiesenthal's fortitude and morality be recognized [front page, Sept. 21]. He chose a noble path after his liberation from the Mauthausen concentration camp. The immense undertaking that became his life's work was not simply justice for victims of the Holocaust but a voice for those lost souls who could not speak.

Mr. Wiesenthal was once asked how he would answer the question, "What have you done?" on his entry into the next realm by the millions of Jews who died in the death camps. His reply, he said, would be: "I didn't forget you." We must never forget Simon Wiesenthal."


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