Friday, October 21, 2005

Lulav Ain't Gonna Work On Saturday

Just a thought...

If we traditionally don't use a lulav on Shabbos because we may come to violate the prohibition against carrying on Shabbos, then why don't we trust our eruvs today and allow for carrying?

I always liked the "you may come to" logic. I should not be permitted to wear pants on Shabbos because I may come to iron them, or use them as a toothpick, or inadvertently use them to turn on a light or something. Furthermore, then everything should also become mukzah out of fear you may come to carry them, violating the prohibition against carrying. If we can leave our siddurim at shul, why not our lulavim too?

This religion, as always, makes a whole lot of sense.

For non-cynical people who actually want to learn a little bit more about this law--as it pertains to Shofar--they can click here.



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