Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sometimes When You Win You Really Lose

Rosie Perez was ahead of her time when she uttered those philosophically brilliant words in "White Men Can't Jump." She was referring to the possibility that a mediocre baseball team would someday win a game but still lose two of its players to bonehead injuries in the process. Sure, I've heard of some strange ones in my years, but never sequential.

"Nationals outfielder Jose Guillen left after two innings because of a left eye abrasion, and catcher Wiki Gonzalez also exited after three innings because of a mild concussion and cervical strain."

These the results of players giving it their all, on a team already stricken with pitching injuries up the wazzoo? See for yourself:

"Guillen hurt his eye earlier in the day during batting practice. The right fielder was seen rubbing his left eye with his batting glove and had problems heading into the game...Guillen saw an eye specialist, but there's no word on how serious the injury is."

"Gonzalez was behind the plate in the second inning, when he was hit in the head by Preston Wilson's back swing. Gonzalez said he was also hit on the mask by a foul tip that hurt his neck. The catcher is listed as day-to-day."

You can take the team out of Montreal, but you can't take the Montreal out of the team.



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