Friday, September 23, 2005

A Fine Fellow/Shallow Hal Returns

After a long hiatus, which predates the deleting of the blog, I must say it is a pleasure to be back blogging. First I must say that since I have blogged last there have been some innovations on the blog, the most important one being hyperlinks within blogs. Well since for now I live at home, and I have dial up at home (if you want to torture yourself by the way, take a lsat online with a dial up connection) I really do not want to put links in my blogs at this time. Hopefully, in the near future, I will be moving to a beautiful community in the Northern part of Manhattan and at that point I may have access to highspeed internet and then links may ensue. Also for those who have forgooten about my blogging style I would characterize it as this:Pure hate for the selfish bastards in the Bronx (I'm unable to even write their name, but I'll give you a hint: you could've subsituted this teams name for Amalek in last weeks parsha and no one would've noticed). So on that note, I'd like to bring to light something I read in Paul Lukas' Uni Watch on Mr. Lukas writes "While other MLB teams continue to support Hurricane Katrina relief by wearing the Red Cross logo on their batting helmets, the Yankees/Amalek (hint, hint) have quietly removed the cross from their lids. The Salvation Army sleeve patch they were wearing is gone, too." (Yes I know there are links in this, even though I just got finished saying I cant do links. Well this was Lukas, not me, so enjoy them, they aint all that exciting). Well I think that just about proves what I've been saying for years. That's all for now.


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