Saturday, December 10, 2005

Gerald Pressman Has Amazing Fingers

'Redskins' Is Offensive. Period.

"Marc Fisher ["Block That Mascot? Bite Your Tongue," Metro, Nov. 17] quotes a Sports Illustrated survey indicating that a large percentage of Indians do not find these nicknames offensive.

But how was the survey conducted?

Indian Country Today, the leading American Indian magazine, asked its readers the same question, and the results were nearly the opposite.

Much of the pageantry is clearly offensive and a parody of religious ceremonies practiced by American Indians. Imagine someone from another religion, in Orthodox rabbinical attire, running on the field after a touchdown, throwing a Torah in the air, or a person dressed as a priest, tossing rosary beads into the crowd. It's nothing anyone would stand for or defend if it were another race or religion. The use of Indian mascots and names by non-Indian schools and sports teams is insulting, including those endorsed by a particular tribe.

-- Gerald Pressman, Falls Church.

The writer is director of"

While Pressman is more than likely correct in his opinions, his argument is clearly flawed because, ahem, how is that the same???

I think, faced with the events that have come to light here, Pressman should change his site to, hopefully one that makes a little bit of sense.



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