Sunday, December 04, 2005

World Knows How Tough Brett Favre is

See, here's the thing. Brett Favre's finger is falling off and he still decides to go back into the game. He's tough. We know that already; it's a given. To play 206 consecutive starts at quarterback you have to be.

So the Chicago Tribune releases its game summary to the press, and it reaches all the way to San Jose where I guess a select few people actually care about football (I am shocked they didn't have a parade to welcome Joe Thornton to town, being that hockey is their only sport and everything). And papers do this all the time, supporting and helping each other. Which is all fine. But take a look at how the article ends:

"Tonight and (Monday) it will be really sore," said Favre, who hesitatingly added that he has a large blister on his right foot and got kicked in the right shin.

"It's nothing I can't handle. I'm just kind of banged up. (Defensive back) Mike Brown caught me one time perfect in the ribs. I fell on my head. I got hit in my back late in the game. You find out how tough you are."

"The rest of the league found that out about him a long time ago."

Why not just let Favre end his own article with his quote? Why add a throwaway line like that to the end ala Newsweek. It's not good reporting or writing. What's the point of it?



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