Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Holiday Cheer

So sue me, I haven't written in a while. Although I know all of you (Moro) look forward to my posts, I figured that if the Sports Guy took the holidays off, so could I. I had originally planned to take off from Thanksgiving till the end of Kwanzaa, but when I checked the blog today I must say I was quite disturbed. You see, there are many annoying things on the internet. We have popups, but if you don't like popups, you can get a popup blocker. But when I saw that our perfectly good blog has been littered with random advertisement links, I must say I was very disappointed. While I have been known to link to some weird things, I ask you all, who didn't enjoy that picture of a doody head? And let's be honest, Av would be lying if he told you that he didn't enjoy that link to the shirtless man. So, I'll leave you all with some great deals on travel for the holidays. (Alright, that is not a link to travel deals, but at least it's not a link to vioxx either. Which reminds me, what the hell is vioxx and why the hell is it so popular on the internet?)


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