Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dre Bly is Now a Jackass AND a Weasel

If you're going to come out and identify a player or players that are responsible for your team's constant losses, at least have the cohonas to stand by your words. Dre Bly, instead, backs down to management, forced to parade himself in front of him team and to say he's sorry for the comments he made recently directed at starting Quarterback Joey Harrington.

Dre, baby, get ahold of yourself. So you were quoted on the record. So what? Your interim coach is mad at you for singling out Joey, who's now crying in his locker and realizes that everyone must feel the same way. And you still beleive it, as you should. Because it's true. Harrington has given your team nothing. But, my God, Dre, stick to your convictions.

I hope the Lions dump Bly now, not because of his comments, but for admitting he did something wrong here. Dre, take it from me. Never, ever apologize. Always rationalize it as being not so bad and hold to that story until it passes over. Believe me, it always does.

It's okay to be a jackass. People will learn to deal with a jackass. But being a jackass and a weasel...that's just too many species mixed together to somehow find inner harmony.



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