Monday, November 28, 2005

Mets land Wagner

4 years 43 million
Progression of the last 15 minutes:
1. harold informs me that eddie c said on the fan that wagner is coming to ny, possibly to finalzie the deal
2. i do a google news search for wagner
3. find the fox sports piece
4. send it to binny
5. he ims it to malusis, the producer for mike and the mad dog 6. mike and the mad dog announce it on the air
This is being blogged to get it on the record that finefellows had this story before espn. Come here for all your breaking sports news.


Blogger Danny said...

How about this:

1. Clinton Portis dresses up every Thursday
2. does coverage of it
3. I send coverage to Deadspin editor, Will Leitch
4. He posts on his site where many, many people read it
5. Sports Illustrated prints itin their magazine last week

No credit where it's due.

5:09 PM


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