Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Problem for Selig To Solve?

There's a reason to like baseball. Throughout its thick tradition, wacky and wild things seem to happen almost on a regular basis. You've never seen catches like Gary Matthews' before and rookie phenoms like Francisco Liriano come along once in a blue moon. And then things happen on Saturday that it takes one avid fan to even recognize it's happened:

"It marked the first time in nearly three decades a full day of major league games were played without a save recorded."

And you just know that Commissioner Bud Selig is requesting an impromptu panel to put together a report to explain how this could happened. This could affect the game in larger ways, he will figure. Come up with a way to inflate statistics to keep fans coming out to the ballpark. The save, the most exciting of all statistics, needs to be saved, so to speak. Selig's menacing fingers can't stay out of the cookie jar. The auto-pilot button has been disarmed.



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