Monday, June 19, 2006

Ghanan Chad Johnson Forced to Apologize

Perhaps we have found the soccer-equivalent to Cincinnati Bengals' Receiver Chad Johnson:

"Ghana's Football Association apologized on Monday after John Pantsil, who plays for Hapoel Tel Aviv, pulled out an Israeli flag during Saturday's 2-0 victory over the Czech Republic."

Seem harmless enough. Who cried foul? Over what?

"We're not here for politics... We don't support Israel or Arab nations... It was unfortunate that the player was ignorant about the political situation." Ghana FA spokesman Randy Abbey added: "But he has apologized to us and I think the matter should end there."

I'm totally perplexed by this. Someone was offended by his actions? I fail to understand how showing tribute to his team back at home could somehow--in some way--cause people to misinterpret Pantsil's political views. If bearing a flag demonstrates someone's political views, and we're worried about offending others who witness us holding the flags, then how can we conduct a World Cup? The P.C. Cup would force us to sing every country's national anthem before every game. Maybe it was complaints from overly sensitive viewers that got Nickelodeon's Guts cancelled.



Blogger Gustakooka said...

This is easy. He won a game for one country's team, and held a flag of another country. That's like the US's Crespo holding a Mexican flag, if we ever won a game, that is.

Do you have any idea how badly that would be taken in the states?

10:03 AM


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