Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Turkey Players are Chicken

How in the world did Hedo Turkoglu get denied entry onto the Turkish squad for the Aug. 19-Sept. 3 tournament in Japan? Who cares if he joined the team late. He's in the NBA...and plays. If there are players better than him, where are they playing now?

But more importantly, players like Mehmet Okur don't even want to play and are coming up with lame, and even refuteable, excuses to get tossed from this International jury:

"Okur is in doubt after he brought a medical report from the United States stipulating he'd been injured the whole NBA season - even though he didn't miss a game."

He wasn't injured, yet claims he was. Strange. You have to wonder why Turkoglu wants to be on a team that Okur is trying desperately to avoid like it was the plague. This fall, the plague hits Japan.



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