Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Gadlus of Facebook

While the excitement of Facebook has worn off for many of us, it has made a comeback of sorts with the incoming Freshman class who have entered the hallowed halls of Yeshiva University. I have recently been bombarded with new friend requests, mainly from people who are former campers of mine(which by the way makes me feel really old, but not quite as old as I felt on Thursday night when I asked a kid from my shul who is now in 3rd grade what year he was born. He responded 1997. 1997!!!!!!!! I remember 1997 quite vividly, Sodomites losing to the Indians in stunning fashion, graduating 8th grade, a few good games of spin the bottle, just to name a few highlights, the fact that this kid wasn't even born at the point makes me feel very,very old). Anyway, there's a kid in my shiur who went to my high school (he was a freshman when I was a senior) and he's come over to talk to me a few times, but I had absolutely no idea what his name was. However, thanks to facebook, I was able to ascertain his name and everyone is now happy. On a totally separate note, this morning after minyan I watched "9 innings from Ground Zero" which for those of you who don't know is a documentary about how the New York Amalekites helped New York recover after 9/11. However the documentary had the direct opposite effect on me. I rooted for the DBacks the whole way (which worked out nicely because of course they won). Does this make me unpatriotic somehow??


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