Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Dollar Twenty Five??

I'd like to take this opportunity to make it known that I am still alive. I got a number of calls questioning where I had gone. In fact, when I called Av, not Avi, he responded with "Where the hell have you been?" Anyway, due to my need to work over the holiday, I've had barely enough time to do just about anything, let alone blog, although I have been keeping up. Danny actually called me to notify me that I am still on probation and that I should be taking notes on my life so that I can come back with a bang. I didn't. Although, I can always count on my father for a good story.

Every few weeks, my dad takes in shirts to the cleaners, but he will only go in on Thursday when shirts cost a dollar instead of $1.25. He explained to me that he brings in like 16 shirts every time, so he saves 4 dollars at least. Totally understandable. Anyway, he sent my sister to bring the shirts in this week, and she brought back a receipt, something he never does. When looking at the receipt, he noticed that the shirts each cost 1.25 even though they were brought in on Thursday. When he asked the guy at the cleaners, he told my dad that they're only $1 when they're put on hangers, but when you get them in boxes they're still 1.25. After getting over this initial shock that he has been paying 1.25 for each shirt over the last few years, he's decided to switch to hangers. So I asked him how he would put them away, because normally he puts his shirts in his drawers. His response, "I'm just gonna fold them myself." Classic Queens.


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