Sunday, July 16, 2006

Celebrate Good Times with Nick Punto

Sometimes, as I watch athletes celebrate their achievements with teammates, I can't help byt be reminded of Enrico Pallazzo taking those moments to frisk some players. It's true that for some time now, players will congratulate each other by rubbing their hands all over a teammate's rear end. Mike Piazza inevitably will hold a press conference to proclaim that he's never been a willing partner in any of these celebrations, not that there's anything wrong with that.
And then a day like today rolls around and you realize why it's so important that Piazza not play for the Minnesota Twins. Had Piazza been involved, Punto would have been left with a post-game shiner as a result of this moment.

Is it me or is Nick Punto seemingly up to no good here? That mischevious face seems to convey the notion that he's been waiting all season for Rondell White to finally blast his first homer. And then when it finally came, Punto was ready to grab his personal share of the celebration.



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