Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hillenbrand Can't Feel the Spotlight from the Dugout

You know, at this beginning of the Major League season, I voiced my intrigue over how the Blue Jays planned to play three 3bmen at the same time (Eric Hinske, Shea Hillenbrand, Troy Glaus). The acquisition of Overbay knocked out Hillenbrand's chances of pulling a Youkilis and moving across the diamond permanently. And it seems that the club was unable to create enough at bats for all the players to remain happy. (I believe that Hinske has even been "Chipper"-ed and sent to the outfield.) Which brings us to today when Hillenbrand gets upset and finally lets some steam out. It resulted in his immediate release.

"Hours before, Hillenbrand criticized the organization and said he expected to be traded. The designated hitter and corner infielder was upset because he wasn't in the starting lineup for the second consecutive game and nobody in Toronto's front office congratulated him on adopting a baby girl last weekend."

Now, I believe that the best comparison here is to Ray Kinsella at the end of Field of Dreams when Shoeless Joe makes him feel like crap for wanting to see what's out in the cornfield. You can't blame him, after all he razed his prized crop for this imaginary game. But Hillenbrand here seems a tad more petty than that, and could use a swift kick in the rear from Ray Liotta. Demanding attention for a kind deed you did sort of nullifies the gesture in itself.

That Shea Hillenbrand, he's a noble individual.



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