Sunday, July 23, 2006

Miss Universe Saves The Universe, Says Reuters

So the world is full of turmoil tonight. But we can be sure to set all of our differences aside for at leats one evening to enjoy the Miss Universe pageant. These ladies are on display for us to marvel at, and to perhaps forget even for a couple of hours about all the uncertainty and destruction that exists in the backdrop of the competition. A healthy reprieve from our concerns. That's what these women provide.

But if you're a Reuters correspondent, you have to play up that angle so much that it becomes melodramatic and laughable. How? By pretending that these women are the members of the U.N. or important people when it comes to foreign policy. Take a look at the lede:

"Even as conflict embroils much of the world, some 88 women hoping to be ambassadors of goodwill have gathered in Los Angeles this week vowing to put politics aside as they compete to become Miss Universe."

If the real ambassadors of good will had a swimsuit competition, I'd head for the hills. But based on the way that article reads, why not just appoint these 88 women to the United Nations? Let's just put politics aside completely.



Blogger AbbaGav said...

No shots of the delegates, er, I mean contestants, giving Miss Israel the cold shoulder?

8:39 AM

Blogger Danny said...

Wow. That's such a good line. I wish I had thought of it. I only took the joke to the second level. Turns out the third level is way funnier. Gavriel lives there on the third level, maybe the master-bedroom level. Thankfully, there exist some chutes and ladders that allow me--a second level-er--to come and go freely. Gavriel has escorted me into a new wave of humor.

1:44 PM


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