Sunday, September 25, 2005

My Day of TV

Before I begin, I'd like to thank all those who have given me the opportunity to express my opinions. For so long did I envy those who posted regularly on the deceased (For Lack of a better word) chestblog, as I yearned to be a part of this elite club. Well, when the last blog was deleted, still unclear what that was all about, I thought I may have a shot. And here I am.

To those of us who work, Sunday is a day of nothing. It is designed to do nothing and I looked forward to it the entire previous week. I looked forward to 1 oclock Jets, 4 o clock Pats Steelers and 830 Giants. However, interestingly enough, I found myself watching a meaningless Met game (which they, by the way won) as well as the Presidents cup for most of the day. And this brings me to what I'd like to discuss. As I'm watching the President's Cup, which pits the International golfers against the Americans, all I can think of is "How do I take this seriously?" I mean after Chris Dimarco tied up his match against Stuart Appleby , he left the green raising the roof trying to get the American crowd behind him. I couldn't by this. I even laughed out loud as I saw him do this. To me theres just something about golf that does not allow it to be compared to sports like basketball or football. I just can't see it in the same light. I can't take it seriously. It's kind of like Adam Sandler in Spanglish. He plays what is supposed to be a serious role, but to me, Adam Sandler will always be Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. This is fingers. It bothers me when they talk about Tiger Woods and how hes playing through all this pain. I was waiting for them to compare it to Jordan or Willis Reed's performance. Truth is, I wasnt paying attention the whole time, they may have. Although he lost, so maybe they didnt.

Golf is great, and Im even one of those guys who likes watching it on tv, this was just too much.


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