Sunday, November 27, 2005

Giant Flop

Like Danny, I decided to write this as soon as the Giant game ended, so as to fully portray my anger and frustration towards this team (read: Jay Feely). Watching this game all I could think about was, "I'm so happy thie Giants have Feely this year because last year, we would have been disappointed but Feely will make THIS one." Alas, Jay Feely can not kick field goals apparently. Then I thought maybe if they move him back, he'll get it like that fan who missed from 35 and 40 and then kicked a 50 yarder for a million bucks. I figured if a fan can do it, Feely should be able to as well. Alas, Jay Feely can not kick field goals.

A few things bothered me about this game. First, what the hell was the reversed call on the Shockey catch which led to them having to kick the 53 yarder. He took like 4 steps and switched hands but yet he never caught the ball. How could that be??? I dont understand it. This could be one of those things where because it is my team I feel like I have been wronged, but I don't care. What a G-d awful call. And I dont want to hear from Danny about the Redskins collapsing every year, or from Alex about the Vikings and Minnesota and how they are cursed, or from Av and Harold about how either of them could very well be the Jets starting quarterback next week. How about this, all our teams suck. Some of them like to tease us a bit, like the Mets and like the Jets, which is why I never quite understood how I ended up being a Giants and Met fan, it just doesnt seem to go. Whatever the case, I've discussed this many times with Av how everyone thinks only their team does it. All teams do it.

Yet, how many teams this year have missed 3, count them, 1, 2, 3 - 2 of which are very makeable (thats definitely spelled wrong) in the 4th quarter and overtime and end up losing the game. How many teams give up 3 TDs none on defense and lose the game. This is the kind of thing we deal with as Giant fans. It's not constant disappointment. I'll be the first to admit that. Its that they lose in the strangest of ways. From the Chris Calloway fumble in the payoffs against the Vikings to the Strahan pointing at the scoreboard game against the niners, a game I'm still unsure how they lost, to today's debacle. So while the Jets might get close and lose like last year's steelers game, which now that I think about it maybe Jay Feely should speak to Doug Brien for some words of wisdom about how to handle the next week, the just lose in normal ways. (This is open for discussion, Av and Hal, I'm expecting a response) This is on par with that Columbian soccer player who kicked the ball into his own nt in the World cup some time ago and got shot. Jay Feely, watch out. Your life is in danger.

I'm so angry. Thats all for now. This may have been it. Their ship may have just sailed.

- U-Boat


Blogger Fine Fellow said...

A few things:

1. Every single one of the Giants broadcaster, who are the biggest homers this side of John Sterling thought the Shockey "catch" should have been reversed. So it couldn't have been that bad.

2. I don't want to hear any complaining from Giants fans. This is a team ,who was awful in 2000, somehow managed to play one good game, and found themselves in the Super Bowl.You have seen your team in the super bowl 3 times in your lifetime, with them winning it once. I have seen my team in the super bowl nonce in my lifetime with them winning it nonce (although the Jets were 1-15).

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