Sunday, November 27, 2005

NFC East Crybabies

In response to the posts by both the boat and the manny...
Neither of you have the right to allege to be tortured football fans because you root for 2 of the most successful franchises in the league. Each of your teams has appeared in 3 Super Bowls in your lifetime, each winning 2 of them. Only the Patriots, Broncos, 49ers, and Bills have appeared in more during that span (4 for SF and Buf and 5 for Denver and and NE.)
The following teams have appeared in 0 Super Bowls in our lifetime: Browns, Jets, Colts, Jaguars, Texans, Chiefs, Vikings, Lions, Saints, Seahawks, Cardinals.
You have been coached by 2 of the greatest coaches in the history of the sport (Parcells and Gibbs) at the the pinnacles of their careers.
To the boat...shockey didn't catch the ball, plain and simple. The Giants play by play by guys on the radio, who were openly rooting for the giants at several points during the game, said straight out that it was the right call. The "strange" losses you spoke of all came in years in which the giants were not a great team and probably weren't going anywhere anyways. To compare those losses to the ones the jets (up 10-0 in the 2nd half against the best team in the league, knowing that an inferior falcons team is awaiting them in the super bowl only to turn the ball over 6 times [including fumbles by Martin, Byars, and Megget- guys who "never" fumble] in the 2nd half) and Vikings (15-1, best offensive team in history, kicker who hasn't missed a FG all year misses a chip shot to keep the falcons alive and you lose in overtime) suffered in '98 is a joke.
To the manny..."The constant switch of emotions that goes along with being a Redskins fan is unparalleled by any other franchise." Shut the hell up.
Both of you.


Blogger Danny said...

“ When you're kind of the ugly stepsister, you just go to the prom with whoever asks you. ”
— Larry Coker, on whether he has a bowl preference

You're the ugly stepsister in this scenario, Avo.

10:54 PM

Blogger Av said...

"when you're an asshole, nobody likes you"

You're the asshole here, dan

8:59 AM


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