Saturday, November 26, 2005

Tiger Woods Shouldn't Quit His Day Job

So Fred Funk wore a skirt for a hole after losing a bet with Annika Sorenstam. That's the story that everyone is running.

However, the sub-story here is the giant nerd that Tiger Woods is.

"I know he had the skirt on, but I don't know if he had a thong on underneath there," Woods said. "It certainly was good."

Har har har. This is a classic example of someone trying to get in on the humor action by making a joke at a time of high comedy, trying to capitalize on everyone's salivating sense of humor. Woods, clearly, is the guy who takes the joke a step too far, failing to realize that it's over by the time he tries to get his shot in. Everyone surely stared at him with gawkish stares as he delivered this line, wondering what happened to that ever-so-brief recent period of time where something that was funny was happening. Woods, in dramatic fashion, put a quick end to the fun.

This is on top of his awkward high-five earlier this year.



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