Thursday, November 24, 2005

Blogging For Redemption

Oh, the power of the internet. This article details the use of the internet by Orthodox Jews, labeling Rabbi Kenny Brander of Yeshiva University as "liberal."

The story, while interesting itself, provides an amazing picture and caption. Take a look at the bottom picture. The caption reads "Pedro Estrada teaching computer applications, for career guidance, at Touro College in Brooklyn. Labs are supervised to avoid private surfing."

Supervised, eh? I could swear the site that the student in the back with the skullcap is surfing on CBS Sportsline, looking at an update for an NFL game. You can compare here.

How scandalous. It appears that students are using the internet for provate surfing under the unwatchful eye of Touro administrators. I hope this student is not identified and thrown out of housing because of my discovery.



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