Thursday, November 24, 2005

Seminary Girls Lead Israel on Wild Pigeon Chase

This may be the best story of the year.

Midreshet Mivaseret Yerushalayim (MMY) took part recently in a tour with the infamous Israeli group Do it on a Donkey. As the story was told to me, their tour guide sent the girls home with a carrier pigeon, requesting they put a letter inside the bird's mouth and send it home. Two girls volunteered to take care of the pigeon overnight. "All the other girls thought the pigeon was disgusting and didn't want to take care of it, but we wanted to," said one of the girls. As one would expect, the girls actually named the bird after the Hebrew word for cake, Uga.

That's where the story begins.

"Ma'ariv had published a story from the Lebanese press about a carrier pigeon sent to Lebanon by an Israeli girl thanking her Lebanese boyfriend for the wonderful night they shared.
At first, Lebanese police thought the note was an intelligence code and tried to decipher it. They then concluded that it was a love letter from an Arab Israeli girl from Kfar Kasim to her Lebanese lover.

Though it is not clear why, the misunderstanding was exacerbated by the belief, on the part of the Lebanese man who found Uga on his roof, that the pigeon was carrying bird flu, leading to further reports in the Lebanese press of a bird flu scare across southern Lebanon."

Simply amazing.



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