Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New York Giants Finally Have a Prayer

Several Muslim fans were detained by Giants' Stadium officers for acting suspiciuously when huddled around a vent on a wall. This was the story of several months ago. It's been revealed since that these men were engaged in prayer at the time. As a result, the stadium will provide a special area for prayer. Continental Airlines Arena is doing the same. Anyone who wants to pray is requested to ask an Event Staffer to direct him or her to the designated zones.

Here's my question. The article details the extent of the efforts that Giants Stadium personnel have made to cater to these devout Muslims. But what about the Jews? What if a group of ten Orthodox men decide, at halftime, to make a minyan. Are they required to convene inside this prayer area? If Muslims are then occupying it, will there be a turf war? Will they square off for rightful possession of the sector, leading to larger tussles over genuine belief? I could see this spilling over into the parking lot. Of course, it may just be a ploy to help promote tomorrow's Indo-Jew Bowl VI.

Does anyone foresee other complications?



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