Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Shout Out to Me in TMQ This Week

Sweet Player of the Week No. 3 As noted by Danny Groner of Silver Spring, Md., Tiki Barber ran for more yards on his first carry than the Redskins ran for in the entire game. Between his loyalty to the Giants, his pleasant public persona and his steady climb up the Giants' all-time rushing chart, Barber is now "The Toast of New York."

I must've sent him 15 different items this week, including that Cincinnati has intercepted each of their three NFC North opponents 5 times in a game this season. I even highlighted the December 18 game @ Detroit for that matter. Brian Spence of Chicago got credit for that one.

Instead, Easterbrook opted to run this dandy of a stat. The "Toast of New York" line, I should note, is his.

Top notch.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I know this must be bittersweet, as it came at the expense of, well, you know.

12:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am willing to sacrifice a blowout loss in favor of being printed up in TMQ.

There, I said it.

1:19 PM


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