Wednesday, November 16, 2005

TMQ Reader Animadversion: Post-Week 10 Features Enormous Sleeper

"Tuesday Morning Quarterback lauded Dick Vermeil for going for the win from the Oakland 1-yard line with one second remaining in the game, rather than kicking a field goal to force overtime. Yechiel Robinson of New York City reminded that the last time Vermeil faced this choice, he kicked. The Chiefs scored a touchdown to make it 38-37 with one second remaining against New England in 2002; Vermeil took the PAT and overtime, where he lost. But this isn't exactly the same situation. Against Oakland, Kansas City needed only one yard to win on the final play; if the Chiefs had gone for the deuce in 2002 on the last play, they would have needed two yards to win. Still, lining up for a regular PAT kick and then going for two off the fake should be devastating on the final play of regulation. "

No words.



Blogger Danny said...

Here we go Yale, here we go (stomp stomp)

5:39 PM


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