Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Circle the Date: Indo Jew Bowl VI set for Thanksgiving Day

It's perfectly normal for a group of Jews and Indians to get together every year for a football game on Thanksgiving. All trash talk is in jest, and the two sides get along splendidly. What's not as normal is the fact that the Chicago Sun-Times has decided to cover it. I'm sure the Times couldn't care less who wins this year's game, merely promoting it as a friendly United Nations summit in the snow. Still, you can read the story here.

This is one of those times, however, where the participants' self-deprecating nature trumps the comedy portrayed in the news story. On the official website, which you can find here, magnifies the importance of the game, the tradition, and the rivalry.

The fact is, these types of annual events take place elsewhere, although with far less press attached. For instance, I doubt the Baltimore Sun will pick up the local story about the Tour De Court, an annual basketball tournament in Baltimore that was covered by a freelancer for the Baltimore Jewish Times.

There must be something in the water in Chicago.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your bitterness precedes you.

Its a charity football game, and has had the attention of one of the city's suburb's for quite a while now. Now, I do agree that a full page is a bit much - but covering it shouldn't offend you.

10:38 AM

Blogger Danny said...

My bitterness does not precede me. We are neck and neck downt he stretch.

12:14 PM


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