Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Eric Williams Promotes a League That Experts Say Never Existed

NBA player Eric Williams is sporting a new line of merchandise paying tribute to a defunct basketball league of the early 20th century. "We have to understand where we came from," [Williams] said.

Basketball historian Susan Rayl, however, argues "there's never been a black African-American or Negro Basketball League." She summarized her position with the statement, "They never existed."

"The clothes are what's nice," he says. "But we'll do the research. But at the same time it's fun for me, it's a clothing line for me."

"There was a player named Willis, but this sounds like a total concoction to me," said Rayl. "It's really sad. Really sad."

Just a fascinating story. Look, Williams is getting attention now, which si really what he wants. But to make up a league and pawn it off as something that people just aren't familiar with? That's ludicrous and brilliant all wrapped up onto one windbreaker.



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