Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Best Way To Fight a Bully

We all know those guys. Heck, I'm a proud member of those guys' team. We do things to get rises out of people, to put them on the spot and to force them into a judgment call. What we say and do can, at times, lead to controversy, but in reality we don't actually care. We're just here for the Bud Light, essentially.

Matt Stone of "South Park" fame is another one of those guys. I am proud of him for his work, even though I haven't seen an entire episode of his show in my entire living life. Here's why:

"'South Park' had been nominated for its controversial episode 'Trapped in the Closet,' which poked fun at Tom Cruise and Cruise's faith, Scientology.

But to hear 'South Park' masterminds Matt Stone and Trey Parker tell it, they didn't think much of the episode.

'It's not really in the top five of shows that I think we did last year,' Parker told CNN prior to the Creative Arts show. 'I was surprised it got nominated because we just submitted it to be jerks,'" said Stone.

Fine company to have, indeed.



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