Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yankees Drawn in Times Square

I may be the only one who picked up on this, but it appears that the ESPN photos of Bobby Abreu and Gary Sheffield are cheap artistic representations of the real men. I'm really not sure which one of these men looks more like a cartoon character. Abreu, on the one hand, looks like a balloon with giant ears. It appears that the cartoonist accidentally drew a balloon (obviously thinking he was supposed to draw a balloon that was sitting in the chair alongside him) and, not wanting to waste paper, tried to transform it into a person's head. It's like trying to change a zero into a 7: it gets messy and it's obviously still a zero trying to resemble a 7.

On the other hand, there's Sheff who's not a caricature as much as the head on a bobblehead doll in his honor. It's the equivalent to putting Lil' Penny on the ESPN site instead of Anfernee Hardaway himself. Anyway, the Sheff here is too pale and dazed to be from a real photo.

Today we discover that flash photography is banned in Yankee Stadium along with facial hair. Now playing at a club near you: Bobby and the Bobbyheads.



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