Sunday, September 25, 2005

Burress Suspension

Plaxico Burress missed a team meeting, so Tom Coughlin suspended him from the 1st 2 series of tonight's game. What is that supposed to accomplish? This is just idiotic in my opinion. It's like in Older Ilanot when this kid did something wrong, so he got docked from the 1st half of the hockey championships. I for one was surprised that his father didn't start his own hockey league that he would be allowed to play in. Anyways, the halfway point of the game was middle of the 2nd period, so he sat on top of the boards and his team switched him in on the fly as soon as he was eligible to enter the game. Interestingly enough, he would eventually score the winning goal in OT on a full court shot that rolled through the goalie's legs.


Blogger Danny said...

Dean Portman's return in Mighty Ducks III....

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