Sunday, September 25, 2005

Practice LSAT

I was scheduled to take a practice LSAT today at Queens College (for knowledge). I was somewhat excited because after going to YU for three years it's always a treat to be in a room with a bunch of non-Jewish girls. However, I was disappointed as the group of girls in this room was about as ugly as you could get. Believe it or not, I preferred the room full of Stern girls at my Torah Tours meeting tonight. Anyway, I got the test, and after the first question I realized it was the same exact test I had just taken on Thursday. Normally I would've been upset that I had wasted my time getting over to Queens College and whatnot. However, I quickly realized that since I had no reason to take this test, I would be able to watch the Jet game, so in the words of the immortal Moshe Hus "Gam Zu L'Tovah." (Although I don't know if you would consider watching the Jets debacle a "L'Tovah" but I guess that's for another post)


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