Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Demise of the Skankees

"Ki Ta'avir Memshelet Zadon Min Haaretz"-Davening for the High Holidays (Danny, check your local Machzor for the translation)

Many people have been asking me where my post for the demise of the Sodomites has been. Well, to be honest, I've been too busy planning the parade and celebrating. But just one comment about the Amalekites loss. It really bothers me that everyone is speaking like the Yankees really accomplished something just for making the playoffs. First of all,they had a $200 million payroll. Second of all, it is entirely possible that the Yankees will have the MVP(Gayrod), Cy Young (Mariano, actually the only Yankee I can respect)Rookie of the Year (Cano, although he shouldn't win it, it's definitely a possibility), and the Comeback Player of the Year (Giambi, aka the Sultan of Shots in the Tuchus). They had an excellent team. I understand they had injuries that decimated their pitching staff, but please, they should win a round of the playoffs. As Shuey Jacoby has pointed out- "It has been a billion dollars since the Yankees last won." Enough said.


Blogger Danny said...

It's been noted that a five year olf kid is asking his father if the Yankees will ever win a championship in his lifetime.

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