Monday, October 03, 2005

Supreme Court

Warning: Uri, please do not read this post (except for the last paragraph), it will only go over your head. None of the people mentioned in this post are people you can use in names, and John Paul Stevens is not the name of two of the Beatles, he is a supreme court justice. So, for your own good, Uri, don't read this post.
George Bush has nominated Harriet Miers for Sandra Day O'Connor's spot on the Supreme Court. Just a few comments on this:
1. Many people are already commenting on the fact that this is the second time Bush has asked someone to find a prominent position (Miers was head of the search committee for this Supreme Court Spot, and Dick Cheney was famously head of the search committee for Vice President) and selected themselves. Many people are making fun of this. But if you ask me it makes perfect sense. If the President asked me to find a new Secretary of State, I of course would choose myself, so why shouldn't have these two people have chosen themselves as well?
2. However, a big problem with this nomination is the fact that no one knows who the hell this woman is. This is the second time in a row that Bush tried to choose a nominee that no one really knows in order to further his own agenda. At this rate, once John Paul Stevens kicks the bucket, I think I have a good shot at being the next Supreme Court nominee.
On a side note (ok Uri you can read again), I want to make a football prediction right now. The New York Football Giants will be in the Super Bowl this year. This year is very much like 2000 when the Giants really sucked, but had a very easy schedule and managed to play a great game against the Vikings in the NFC Championship. I know it sounds crazy, but take a look at the Giants schedule. They don't really play anyone. I just have this hunch that the Giants are going to the Super Bowl. I guess only time will tell.


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