Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pro Bono

This morning, signs were posted around school that said PRO BONO SIGN UP TODAY. Since I am huge U2 fan and very pro-Bono, naturally, I attended. I should have been tipped off at the confused stares I got when I walked into the meeting wearing my "Bono is god" t-shirt and an Irish flag around my neck as a cape. As it turns out, pro bono has nothing to do with U2 (or any music at all.) Apparently, it refers to legal work done for free out of the goodness of your heart. To make matters worse, it turns out I have to do 70 hours of it in order to graduate.

: this would be even funnier if it happened, but still a good story
ATL2NY1: that is the most false story of all time by the way. you didnt even try to put a grain of truth into it


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