Wednesday, October 05, 2005

RH Wrapup

Things I was thinking about while hiding the kohanim's shoes...

I wonder if Shawn Green went to synagogue this year.

You know you've made it as a Rabbi when they ask you to read the notes to the shofar blower.

If you must refrain from talking during mussaf, to remain focused on the shofar blowing, then I would imagine the following conversation took place in many Orthodox shuls this week:

"The Tekiyahs won 4-2 last night. Robinson Shofar came through for them."

I asked Schneck why the Artscroll tashlich is 10 pages longer than all others. He said, "Because people who daven with Artscoll have more sins."

Mom tried to pawn off a banana as a new fruit, claiming it had a brown peel.

Not one, but two of the 70 or so men at our minyan wore bowties this morning to shul. That made roughly 3-4% of our minyan bowtie wearers and approximately 1-2% of our minyan interested in this phenomemon.



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