Monday, October 10, 2005

Quest for the Upper West

When it came to making Simchat Torah plans for this year, I decided to try something different. I know that the Upper West Side is a very popular place for young people to gather for the holiday. I am relying exclusively on the power of the internet to get me through my Quest for the Upper West.

I began my quest by searching several roommate finding websites this evening and by emailing all of the people currently seeking a male roommate.

This is the generic email I sent out to those people:

"I am a 22 year old recent college graduate of YU looking to check out the Upper West Side to decide if I want to make the big move there. Right now I am living at home in Silver Spring, MD while I get my stuff together before starting a job in New York in the beginning of November. I have heard mixed reviews about the Upper West Side and really can't be sure right now if this is a neighborhood that matches what I am looking for religiously ans socially.

I understand from your advertisement on _______ that you are looking for a roommate. Your description of the apartment leads me to believe it is what I am looking for, if I decide the UWS is the place for me. However, since I can't really know until I have been there, would it be at all possible for me to spend the second days of Succot living in your apartment with you, to test the waters? I know this is asking a lot, but even if it's just a couch, it would help me make this ever so important decision."

I wonder if anyone would fall for this. We'll find out.



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