Monday, October 03, 2005

The (Gay) Pot Calls the Kettle Black.

The Sodomites are evidently upset over the fact that the Rangers took out some of their starters yesterday, probably allowing the Angels to capture home field for the first round of the playoffs. Did Gayrod forget that Mike Mussina was supposed to start yesterday and Jarret Wright started instead? Were the Cleveland Indians complaining that the Yankees didn't play their best lineup, even though the Amalekites had to beat the Red Sox for the Indians to keep their season going? No they did not, mainly because every organization in the world (yes, even Hitler's Youth and the KKK) has more class than the Crapheads.
On another note, some caller just called the fan complaining that Mets fans are unable to complain about the Sodomites salary because the Mets also have a very high salary. I want to get this straight once and for all. The Mets payroll is $100 million. The Yankees is over $200 million. For all those math majors-that is double. It is not even close. To think the Yankees and Mets salaries are comparable is downright ridiculous. I never want to hear a Yankee fan explain that the Mets have a high payroll as well. They do but the Yankees are in a different stratosphere. Case closed.
On the same note, I would like to relate a story that Avo told me. While Av was talking to Michelle about the Jets quarterbacking troubles, Michelle asked "Why don't they just buy another team's Quarterback?" Truly spoken like a Yankee fan who does not understand any fiscal constraint.


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