Sunday, November 20, 2005

ESPN Highlights Players' Differences

With the European expansion inside the NBA, one can only hope that the league does everything it can to accomodate the players and never to highlight their differences. Whatever strides can be made--translators, psychologists, bringing aboard teammates of the same or similar nationality, buying ethnic foods--to help the players feel at home will help them, and the league, for years to come.

However, I was appalled to find the following caption inside a recent NBA game recap:

"Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki (41), of Germany, goes up for a shot over Detroit Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace (36) during the second half Saturday..."

I think that if the site wants to institute the policy to always name the players' country of origin, then it should be a unilateral decision. Therefore, the caption should be revised to read "Dallas Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzi (41), of Germeny, goes up for a shot over Detroit Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace (36), of Philadelphia, during the second half Saturday..."

Oh, and also AP Photographer Matt Slocum, of Dallas.



Blogger MoRo said...

In response to Dan's latest comment, I think that the point announcers are trying to make by highlghting the fact that Dirk is from Germany is to try and build a fanbase for their league in thast particular country. We do not need to mention that American players are from America as that is where the games are being played and broadcasted for the most part and that is where the large fanbase resides. Secondly if you plan to make a parallel then at least do it correctly, Dirk Nowitski from Germany would be parallel to Rasheed Wallace from America, last I checked Philadelphia was not a country.

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