Monday, November 21, 2005

Race Car Driver Pulled Over For Speeding

Italin Formula 1 racer Giancarlo Fisichella was pulled over on Sunday for doing 92 in a 35 as he rushed home to check on his son's fever. Now his license has been revoked, which I assume means he can't race anymore. When your career depends on driving really, really fast, it tends to require that you have a license. Maybe Fisichella will get a book deal out of this, and title it "My Life in the Fast Lane: One Man's Choice between Fatherhood and the Sport that He Loved."

But I love what I foresee the ramifications of this episode to be. As I documented last month, beer companies were outraged to find out that beer was being used for alcohol-related games. Maybe the response here will be that people start to notice that race car drivers are driving at incredibly fast speeds, much higher than the speed limit in the areas of the racetracks. Just picture it. In the middle of a race, a police cruiser hops onto the track, tailing Dale Jarrett with sirens blaring, looking to pull him over for going four times the posted limit. This seems like a great topic for 3 Fast 3 Furious. I'm just saying.



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