Sunday, November 20, 2005

Vikings Unveil Player Conduct Code

The Minnesota Vikings maintain that "work began on the guidelines the day after Zygi Wilf's purchase of the team closed in June." I guess the 77-page manifesto ("It's a mission statement") has nothing to do with the recent exposure the players' received from the Viking sex boat fiasco.

Pretty much I just wanted to share that picture. The article is interesting too.



Blogger AbbaGav said...

As a Packer fan preparing to watch the Packers face the Vikings on Monday night, I'm hoping that the code of conduct includes throwing games (it seems that would be pretty much in character for the team at this point).

Wait. My team is 2-7 with no chance at the playoffs. We're the ones who should be throwing the games and going for draft picks. Leave the Vikings with their sex boats.

5:38 PM

Blogger Danny said...

I never understood the fans who give up on their teams and root for draft picks. I think I would rather my team go 8-8 every year, because at least I get the highs from 8 wins. If they went 2-14, and then drafted first, I don't think the excitement I would feel from that would make up for the 6 wins I didn't get to revel in. Yes, I know it's part of planning for the future, but I think we learned from Kwame Brown that a #1 pick can actually cause you more pain than relief. The Lakers, thankfully, removed the tumor from Wizards' fans' brains.

You have Aaron Rodgers and Samkan Gado to build your team around. I think that's a better nucleus than what the 49ers have. Maybe that's really how it should work. Not based on record, but based on the consensus of "who is the neediest team in the NFL right now?" It's sort of like a BCS system, in that the niners by getting blown out every single week receive more sympathy from league officials. Wow, this was a long comment.

11:18 AM


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