Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mattisyahu in Rolling Stone

This will probably interest those of you who spend all day at work emailing clips of Mattisyahu from the Jimmy Kimmel show around, then nervously giggling inside your cubicles. For the record, you can catch Matty performing on Craig Ferguson this Monday night, November 14th.

But, alas, for now you're stuck with this story from Rolling Stone Magazine.

"There's a law that no man and woman may touch unless they're married," says the twenty-six-year-old MC. "I was caught doing it. So I checked, and, no, can't do that anymore -- there's women touching you for sure. That, and I also I got dropped once. I took, like, six people down."

Matisyahu, who sometimes extracts or reinterprets lines from the Torah in his songs, looked to his own troubled youth for the single's lyrics: "Fire with the flame of the youth/Got the freedom to choose/You better make the right move." Born Matthew Miller, he skipped school and smoked pot while growing up in a reformed household in White Plains, New York, before becoming frum (devout) and moving to the nearby Hasidic community of Crown Heights.

Great, now parents far and wide are going to interrogate their kids who want to attend Matty's concerts. "I heard he once did pot. I don't want you listening to his music. There might be drugs at his concert!"

This type of parenting is about as good as the music Matty sings, in my humble--stubborn--opinion.



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