Thursday, November 03, 2005

I Hate This Weather

So I've been getting up at 7 am this week for a reason that I don't want to receive credit for. All right, you twisted my arm. I've been attending a shiva minyan. Don't all clap at once.

When you get up that early, it's apparently freezing. The defroster in my car doesn't work fast enough to drive the couple blocks to the minyan so I have to either guess no cars are coming or to stick my head out the window to check. It's absolute torture, of the highest comedic form.

But the worst part about it is that by the time noon rolls around, you are the only person in the supermarket wearing a sweatshirt. You see, by the time normal people wake up, it's not nearly as cold and those people can dress appropriately to the weather they face. You may claim though that I can just simply remove my sweatshirt when the weather turns warmer in the morning. But you see, that would be a waste of an outfit. Well, not an entire outfit, but the sweatshirt at least. Because once it's worn, it returns to the end of the rotation, whether you wear it for one hour or all day long. So I figure, once it's been outed from the closet, I might as well fight through the day, inside the immense heat, in order to maximize its use.

On the note of clothes rotations, why do we all keep those ratty clothes for the end of the cycle? We all have them and hate wearing them. We dread laundry day like its Yom Kippur, hoping that it never comes back. My question then is why do we all keep these clothes? Why not just throw them out? Let's just have nice clothes on laundry day the same way we do at the start of the rotation.

Stores, I have noticed, actually sell some clothing for the sake of laundry day. Next to the more expensive shirts, they will sometimes include one cheaper, wrinkled version of the same shirt at a discount price. They try to entice you to figure "Well, I'll just stick it at the end of the rotation. It's just too cheap to pass up." It's like black jelly beans. They're in the bag, so you have to eat them, but you hold them off until the end. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

Overheated, as always,



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