Monday, November 07, 2005

The Star of Galgalatz

Apparently there is a developing heir to the MBD throne who is winning over the hearts of teenage girls across Israel. His name is Gad Elbaz. Of course, Rabbis have to express their ambivalence over having such a star in their midst, because, as we know, Rabbis don't like anything fun.

"They fear the Elvis-like effect he is having on the young female portion of the highly traditional community, known as Haredi, where song is considered nearly as powerful as prayer."

His music though is the strangest assortment of influences since Mattisyahu burst onto the reggae scene.

"While attending religious schools as a teenager, Elbaz began developing a style that draws on Arab rhythms, hip-hop beats, the harmonies of the Backstreet Boys and the ballads of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion."

Based on that description, I don't think I even want to hear Elbaz's songs. Catch the rest of the article here.



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