Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Facebook Emergency

I was sitting at a computer in the YU library tonight, and I felt I needed to walk around for a minute or two. I did so, but when I came back, someone was sitting at the very computer I was using. I couldn't believe that he would log me off and log in within two minutes, especially when my bag and cellphone were right by the computer. In fact, it turned out that he had in fact not logged me off. He was just using my profile. The computer stealer than turned around and said to me "were you using this computer?" to which I responded "yes." He then proceeded to tell me he would be a few minutes, but he needed to use this computer because he had an "emergency." However, as I glanced over his shoulder I noticed his emergency involved looking something up on the facebook. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm all for the facebook. In fact I ve used it for important reasons on numerous occasions (i.e. I've looked at pictures of girls people want to set me up with. Which leads me to a side question-Obviously people realize that other people are going to look at them on facebook. So they will naturally choose a very good picture of themselves. If a girl is ugly in her facebook picture, is there any chance at all of her being good looking? But I digress). But I cant think of a situation where looking at the facebook or getting info from the facebook would constitute an emergency. The only explanation I have for this person's actions is that he was an out of towner.


Blogger Robbie said...

That's a bit creepy... And so is that picture...

9:23 AM


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