Thursday, November 03, 2005


Before I start, I just want to apologize in advance for this not being a post about sports. Danny has informed me over this past week that other media outlets have picked us up and branded us as a "sports blog" so now I feel somewhat strange writing about things other than sports. However, if you think about it, November weeknights are quite the barren time for sports. Both hockey and basketball are in the early parts of their seasons, and since 97.3% of the teams make the playoffs in these sports, these games don't really make a lot of difference (unless you play fantasy basketball/hockey which I hate, and fantasy sports in general will have to warrant a post sometime soon). Furthermore, the Skankees have yet to steal players from every other team (don't worry Sodomites fans, that pesky 15 day waiting period ends like next week. So your team will start its poaching in no time) and therefore I can't rant about that yet. Therefore, I decided about something else that bothers me, almost as much as the Amalekites-People who wear black and white.I just never understood it. Did I miss a halacha in the Micshna Berurah? Where does it say you must wear dark pants? Why when I go into a yeshivish place am I scorned because I like khaki? I don't know the answers to theese question, but I just want to say on the record that people who were black and white basically have no good reason for doing so and are only doing it because if they don't they will God forbid not be seen as "yeshivish." I just think this is dumb and I'm seriously thinking about throwing paint on all the oreos in YU. At least it will brighten things up over here.


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