Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Commanderette in Chief

Being home sick today, I've been listening to the Fan a lot. This afternoon I have heard about 15 promos for ABC's new show "Commander in Chief." Part of the promo has Donald Sutherland's character saying something to the effect of "We only chose you as Vice-President as a stunt, we never expected you to be President" in referring to Geena Davis' character and "You have to save the country, you have to save the country from her" (once again in reference to Davis). Am I wrong to watch this show and root for Donald Sutherland to try to depose this woman President even though he is obviously the antagonist? Does that make me sexist? (I hope the change in the penultimate sentence now qualifies as English, Binny. I was unaware that the blog became a place where I had to take out my "Writer's Reference "before I posted).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leaving aside the fact that the penultimate sentence of your post barely qualifies as English, I'd say rooting for the Sutherland character (Secretary of State Nathan Templeton, if memory serves) is completely acceptable, and here's why. This show is already being written about heavily as a "test of society's cultural-political zeitgeist" to see if this country's ready for a female president. The person who directly benefits most from this show's success (other than ABC execs) is Hillary, the only female in the U.S. right now with a decent shot at becoming president. Therefore, rooting for Templeton to take down the female president can be seen as coming from an anti-Hillary stance(assuming, of course, you have one) and not an anti-female stance.

That being said, if you do find yourself in front of a TV at 9:00 on Tuesdays, do yourself a favor and turn on NBC. "My Name Is Earl" is a terrific new series.

6:39 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

Having just heard the commercial for the first time on the fan, and not attempting to understand anything that Binny wrote (seemed to much to do with politics) two things come to mind.

1. "YOU'RE RISKING THIS PATIENT'S LIFE!!!" Just another quote that still rings in my ears today.

2. I can only wonder wonder whether this show will have a prostitute story line, the story line that basically put The West Wing on the map. Maybe Geena Davis will be a prositute, how about that for a twist.

10:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wasn't Geena Davis a prostitute in some movie? Or was that Melanie Griffith? And why do I confuse the two of them?

And Hal, it's not so much about perfect grammar as it is about being able to understand the sentence without having to read it three times. I'm willing to overlook the occasional typo or poor usage, but I won't stand for anything that makes me put in any effort.

2:03 PM

Blogger Fine Fellow said...

Melanie Griffith was a hooker in the movie "Milk Money." Genna Davis starred with a prostitute (Madonna) in the movie "A League of Their Own

3:40 PM


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